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Building Confidence with Restorative Dentistry

Experience cutting-edge restorative dentistry at Moreland Family Dentistry in Burlington, KY. As one of the first in the area to offer digital scanning for crowns, bridges, veneers, and various restorative procedures, we ensure precise and efficient treatments. With a commitment to utilizing the latest technology, Moreland Family Dentistry delivers exceptional results and a seamless patient experience.

We Provide Implant Services Too

Restorative Services

Man at tooth filling appointment

Tooth Colored Fillings

Restore damaged or decayed teeth with tooth-colored fillings, a composite resin material that matches the shade and texture of natural teeth. This results in a clean appearance and restored functionality. With precise application techniques and attention to detail, we make sure your tooth-colored filling blends perfectly with your smile.

Man at tooth filling appointment
Dental crown diagram


Moreland Family Dentistry offers crowns as a perfect solution for damaged or decayed teeth. Custom-made dental crowns are placed over the affected tooth. This not only restores its functionality but also protects it from further damage. With digital scanning technology, our team creates highly accurate and natural-looking crowns that blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Dental bridge diagram


If you’re missing teeth, a bridge might be the solution for you. Bridges are custom-made restorations consisting of prosthetic teeth that are anchored in place by adjacent dental crowns. Using digital scanning technology and other advanced techniques, we create bridges that exactly match your natural teeth in color, shape, and alignment, resulting in a restored smile and oral function.

Dental bridge diagram
Woman holding her cheek before a root canal procedure

Root Canal Treatment

When you have an infected or inflamed tooth pulp, a root canal may be in order. This is when we remove the damaged tissue and fill the tooth with a restorative material, protecting it from further damage or infection. Trust Moreland Family Dentistry with your root canal treatment. We ensure it will be done with precision, efficiency, and minimal discomfort.

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